celebrating frog on a dime with a prize drawing


By Stephanie Stouffer

By Stephanie Stouffer

Can you believe Frog on a Dime is six months old already? Frog on a Dime exists to encourage writers, but you all encourage me too! To thank all of my visitors and faithful followers, Frog on a Dime is offering a special PRIZE DRAWING.

Here’s what you need to do: Hop on over to Frog on a Dime and leave a comment on today’s post. Please let me know what you like about Frog on a Dime, what you’d like to see more of (or less of) and/or how I can make my blog even more encouraging to you. (Sorry Facebook comments do not qualify. I love them, but they won’t count for this drawing.)

On Monday, June 3 at Noon, I will select a name at random from the folks who’ve commented . That lucky person will receive a surprise care package filled with young adult novel ARCs, cool office supplies AND an encouraging personal note from me.

What are you waiting for? Get hoppin’!

Oh! And there’s one more Frog on a Dime way to celebrate in June . . . be watching for an interview with one of my favorite debut YA authors! Can’t wait for you to meet her!

I’m not a diva. I’m a tadpole trying to be a frog. ~ Tony Braxton

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  1. I really like the concept of the yes file. I recently blogged about keeping an affirmations page, which is similar. We have to lift ourselves up.
    I also liked your post about having a hobby. I think it’s an important aspect to the creative life that fuels our writing and art.

    And the quote from Pippin about dreamers was so inspiring!



  2. I really liked your post about the yes file. I have blogged about keeping an affirmations page, which is similar. We have to lift ourselves up.
    I also liked your post about having a hobby. I think that’s a really important aspect of creative life that feeds into our writing and art.

    Finally, that song from Pippin about dreamers is a real gem!



  3. I am a humor hunter and your blog takes the edge off a long day. And can I just say that I love your watercolor bunnies? Well, I did just say it. You are so talented and so, so good.


  4. Vicky, you crack me up! Your flair for writing makes me smile every time. I love how you phrase things. I love your enthusiasm. And that adorable tiny frog is pure awesome. You’ve got a great thing going here. Keep at it!


  5. Congrats on blogging for six months. Awesome. I’m looking forward to your interviews in June. Let someone else win your ARCs. I have a huge reading list as a result of my blog right now.


  6. Hi Vicky,

    I love your sense of humor, your god-awful puns and your bouyancy in the face of all this angst.

    Most of all, I love the quirky and inspirational quotes you always seem to have on your fingertips.

    Thanks, and please keep frogging.


    • “God-awful puns”?! What in the name of tadpoles do you mean?! I enjoy finding good quotes too. I’m glad you like them. I promise to keep including them with each post. Thank you, Charlie. You encourage me.


  7. Vicky, first of all, I enjoy your blog’s name (I have frog art, stuffed frogs, eight live African Dwarf frogs). Most of all, I enjoy how your humor shows in your posts. You encourage me each time. I look forward to reading more posts and celebrating one year and beyond with you.


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