Frog on a Dime Turns 6!


I held my breath and with a shaky finger clicked “Publish” for my first post in December 2012. My intent was to fill a niche nothing else could–much like that little frog on a dime. I wanted to offer my own brand of encouragement, and maybe help you laugh and learn a bit along the way. Not exactly lofty goals, but to me, worth pursuing. I am delighted to have reached the six-year mark and will do my best to continue to add warmth and light to your day, my little blueberry scones.

To thank you for your kindness, comments and the encouragement you have given me over and over again, I want to give you an opportunity to win a thank you prize!

Enter for your chance to win this entire parcel o’ prizes:

*** Your very own, one-of-a-kind doodle, made by yours truly, with your initials incorporated into the design.

*** A brand new notebook to capture ideas in the new year or fill with your own doodles and drawings. 

*** An assortment of creativity-inducing treats.

*** A 10-page critique of the manuscript of your choice.

Six quick-as-a-wink ways to enter!

  • Become a new follower of Frog on a Dime. (Sign up via the home page.)
  • Invite a friend to visit Frog on a Dime.
  • Comment under this post on Facebook.*
  • Like and retweet this post on Twitter.
  • Share a comment, suggestion or question on this post below.*

*Your brilliant suggestions for future post topics, your writing-related questions or nominations for guest bloggers are especially welcome.


The Lucky Winner’s name will be selected on Saturday, December 8.

Whichever season youโ€™re in, rejoice and celebrate your life as you might not experience it twice. ~ Joan Ambu

24 responses »

  1. Congratulations, Vicky!! I love reading your posts and often smile and laugh at your wit. You are very clever and always supporting our writing community. I still have my frog and dime drawing you made and sent to me front and center on my bookshelf.


  2. Yeah for you Vicky!! For whatever reason I cannot get your blog sent to me – I still try to sign up – but I do go to your blog whenever I think of you or see your fun, witty, creative and sometimes hilarious FB posts! Thanks for the levity and encouragement! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ


    • Well, thank you so much for trying. I wonder if the emails are being blocked for some reason. You could check your list of blocked addresses. Maybe check the junk mail? I appreciate your enthusiasm and kind words, Vicki. Have a lovely holiday season!


  3. I’m relatively new to this blog, but I’ve savored every post since I first came upon Frog on a Dime. Sassy, sweet, insightful and funny–it’s all-around priceless, and I’m so glad for my good fortune in discovering it/you!


  4. Vicky, your blog is one of the few that I actually read from start to finish when it hits my Inbox! They’re heartfelt, encouraging, and always sprinkled with a hint of humor (I especially love all the nicknames you’ve come up with for us!). Thank you for continuing to be our coach, cheerleader, mentor, and unwavering friend on this crazy journey,


  5. Vicky

    I have been a follower for the last three years and have saved and re-read your posts. I thank you for the light and encouragement you bring to this journey, always with a dash of humor.

    Linda Geiger.


    • Linda, you just made my day. Thank you, thank you for your kind words. Wishing you and your loved ones a delightful holiday season. And for both of us–I wish a New Year filled with brilliant ideas and publishing contracts! Cheers!


  6. Either I’m in a time warp or my math skills have evaporated but if you started in 2015 isn’t this your third year? Or did I fall asleep and it’s really 2021!!!?? Wherever the truth lies (is that an oxymoron?) I wanted to let you know I appreciate your blog posts – your humor and encouragement are a balm in this often discouraging world of kid-lit.


    • Your math skills are perfectly intact, Jacquie! I’m so glad you said something. I started Frog on a Dime in December 2012 (not 2015)! Clearly, I really cannot be trusted with anything related to numbers! I am grateful to know you’ve found encouragement here, AND you have earned gloating rights as a person with far superior math skills. ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. I was the lucky recipient for the first “Frog on a Dime” giveaway. I still have some of the colorful paperclips that were part of the prize. Six years! I can remember you when you were only THIS tall. Thanks for the encouragement over the years, Vicky, our little sunshine burst. May you heed your own words of encouragement and persevere.


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