Happy Octiversary!


Things have been on the quiet side this year here at Frog on a Dime, but we still have reasons to celebrate–including this little blog’s 8th anniversary (also known as an octiversary! (And yes, that’s a made up word.)) Can you believe it, my little ginger snaps?

In keeping with tradition (yes! something normal!), we will honor this special occasion with presents–for YOU. All you need to do is enter the 8th Octiversary Giveaway, and if your name is drawn, a box of delightful “stuff” will be headed your way postage haste! (Sorry. You are not allowed to know what the 8-part prize is ahead of time. An octopus? No! Too obvious. And too arm-y.)

The drawing deadline is Noon (EST) on Friday, December 18. (Of course, it’s a date with an 8!)

You can enter here in the reply section or on Facebook. (Limit one entry per person, but you can still comment on both.)

Your entry must include at least one writing-related accomplishment from 2020. Hold on! Read the examples! Examples of accomplishments include (but are not limited to) I signed with an agent, I submitted a manuscript to an agent or editor, I sold a manuscript, I finally got my writing files in order, I had a book come out, I joined a critique group, I did research in preparation for a non-fiction project, I took an online course related to writing, I started a new project, I revisited a WIP, I let someone read my work and give me feedback, I encouraged other writers, AND the BEST ACCOMPLISHMENT OF ALL–I did not give up!!

Disclaimer: To be eligible to participate in this contest, entrants must be residents in good standing in any Earth-related location. Entering the giveaway drawing may induce a sense of anticipation. Employees of Frog on a Dime, of which there are none, must keep their mitts off the prizes unless expressly asked to handle for the purpose of packing items for the winner. No purchase is necessary to enter, which is good since we’re not selling anything. On Friday, December 18, 2020, a winner will be selected at random from among valid entries. Frog on a Dime is not responsible for any liability arising directly, or even, sheesh, like remotely, from use of the prizes. Odds of winning are pretty darn good.

“Moment by moment, in life’s winter

life froze

Echoing a history of blues,

a milestone rose.”

― Sandeep N Tripathi

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  1. I had a new book come out and it won an award. But I haven’t been writing anything new—unless you count the cards and notes and gifts and prayers that my brain has created in this bizzarro year. Hint, hint, Miss FOAD.


    • I’m SO glad you haven’t given up. We need you, Melodye! Please take care.
      P.S. Hibernation is important. (800K bears can’t be wrong!) It gives your brain time to puzzle out and play with ideas so they’ll be ready when you are. (I am serious. Sometimes when I get stuck while I’m writing, I will take a short nap. It helps. It’s kind of like a “Refresh” for the noodle.)


  2. I went out of my comfort zone and taped myself doing a kid’s writing workshop. (For a program i couldn’t do live.) It was terrifying but I felt pretty darn proud of myself.
    Congratulations on 8 years of being our favorite Vicky!


    • Lisa! You did something scary and you survived! Phew! Good for you for producing a virtual workshop. When it’s for the benefit of children, kids do have a way of making us bolder than we otherwise would be. I’m sure they’ll love it, as will their teachers and parents. Bravo!


  3. Love your contests and the energy you put into making them creatively fun. I submitted a manuscript to an open call for submissions. I am currently revisiting a different WIP.
    THanks for all you do to keep writers motivated.


    • Look at you, Angela! You’re getting your work out there and circling back to revisit a past project. Good for you! Thank you for all of the light, energy, humor and good vibes you send into the world. We need your Angela-ness more than ever. 🙂


  4. I’ve been frustrated, depressed, bored and upset, but I did manage to write a few picture book manuscripts. I also submitted a few (maybe 3 or 4) and am waiting with breath held to see if this time there will be good news. I’ve also gotten my share of rejections, but that’s part of this writing thing. I was just enjoying meeting friends for coffee at a restaurant when they closed them down again. Hopefully eateries will reopen soon. I don’t think that’s where the viruses were coming from myself, but I guess I differ in opinion with others on that. Anyway, with all the extra time at home I didn’t accomplish more than usual, but I did write and that’s a big thing when you’d rather hibernate. Hope you have blessed holidays, Vicky. I always have to remind myself that God is still in control of the final outcome no matter how awful the picture looks.


    • Thank you for your transparency. Your heavy feelings and struggle are shared by many, myself included. And yet, you produced work you like well enough to share with editors. I hope you celebrated that accomplishment. You’re using your God-given talent and trusting Him as you take step after step. Please take care. ❤


  5. I have nothing to share nor want to be entered into the contest BUT I do want to offer a virtual HIGH FIVE to those of you who have accomplished something this last year. It’s been a tough time for creativity so however it works for you, KEEP IT UP! (That goes for our Ginger Snap Queen, Vicky Lorencen, as well!)

    Hugs to you all!


  6. I was lucky enough to win the grand prize when “Frog on a Dime” was a mere tadpole. So I’d feel piggish if I won again. But I did want to congratulate you on your funny and helpful blog. Thanks for spreading your knowledge and your charm to the writing community.


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