are you lucky?


dreamy frog

Recently, on an ordinary Thursday afternoon, a perceptive friend said something that gave me pause. “You’re lucky to have a dream,” she said. Hmm. I’d never thought about that before, but she was absolutely right. “I am lucky,” I said to my friend. “Having a dream is a burden, but it’s a burden I’d miss if it went away.”

By now, you know my dream is to become a children’s author. I’m working the steps, logging some encouraging signs of progress, practicing my craft and doing my part to make that happen. Still, unlike failure, which is a snap, there are no guarantees of success. That’s not an easy reality to embrace, but the thought of living dreamless would be much more difficult. My dream gives me a nudge, a sense of purpose and a life infused with a sense of expectation. Why would I disconnect from that?

A zillion.5 years ago when I was in high school choir, our teacher chose a song for us from the musical Pippin. I can still recall the lyrics to the beautiful song, “Corner of the Sky.” My guess is these words have remained in my brain because of the way they speak to me as a dreamer:

Every man has his daydreams
Every man has his goal
People like the way dreams have
Of sticking to the soul
Thunderclouds have their lightning
Nightingales have their song
And don’t you see I want my life to be
Something more than long

Isn’t that lovely–and true?

So, how about you? Do you see yourself as lucky (or blessed or whatever descriptor you like) for having a dream? Embrace your dream. Say thank you for it. Dare to keep dreaming!

Rivers belong where they can ramble/Eagles belong where they can fly/I’ve got to be where my spirit can run free/Got to find my corner of the sky. ~ Pippin

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  1. Thank you for that inspirational piece. You’re absolutely right. Sometimes we need a reminder of how blessed and lucky we are to have and hold a dream. Sometimes we take it for granted because we become consumed with the making it come true rather than just enjoying the journey of getting there.


  2. What a wonderful post! I’m so with you on this–I can’t imagine a life without dandelion wishes and daydreams! I do understand the importance of putting in the hard work, and I do just that. But it’s “hope, that thing with feathers” that helps keeps the dreams afloat when the dandelion seeds land on rocky soil.


  3. Having a dream and taking strides to achieve it takes a ton of courage. I will admit there were times in the past where I had thought how easy would it be to just abandon everything for a more “simple” life, but then I thought about what a dull life that’d be! Here’s to us having the strength to keep dreaming! 🙂


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