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Vicky's Garden

Vicky’s Garden

Ever met a belly dancing, marathon running, gourmet cooking, gardening, crafting writer? No? Well, I have. Maybe not all wrapped in the same person, but I do have writer friends who also have cool hobbies like that. Yes, I know there are “outsiders” who might see writing as a hobby, but not my circle of friends. They’re pretty hard-core about it. Me too. Guess that’s why we’re in the same circle.

So, what’s this all about, you ask? Fair enough. (I know I’ve got a point around here somewhere. Ouch! Found it.) My point is that it’s important for us as writers to be well-rounded people. Sorry, Huey Lewis, but it’s not hip to be square. When we pursue hobbies or outside interests it enriches, informs and colors our writing in beautiful and often unanticipated ways. These interests stretch parts of our brain that go untended if we stay in continuous writing mode.

Between my day job as a writer and editor, and my own personal writing pursuits, I can spend a lot of time tethered to a screen and living inside my head. For me, gardening is a welcome retreat. I’m just a novice, but planting flowers, pulling weeds and playing in the dirt feels good and energizes me.

Years ago when I was an adjunct writing instructor at our community college, I’d “spend” the credits I’d earn as part of my compensation on art classes. I had a wonderful instructor who allowed me to do an independent study and choose my own subjects and medium. It was a joy to create fanciful watercolor and colored pencil paintings of bunnies. I want to start painting again–just for fun and for the sake of my writing.

(c) Vicky L. Lorencen

(c) Vicky L. Lorencen

(c) Vicky L. Lorencen

(c) Vicky L. Lorencen

(c) Vicky L. Lorencen

(c) Vicky L. Lorencen

What about you? I know. I know. It’s tricky enough to find time to write, and now I’m suggesting you add a hobby. But isn’t there something you love to do that you’ve been neglecting? Let me challenge you to carve out a little time for it this week. You and your writing time will be all the better for it.

My personal hobbies are reading, listening to music, and silence. ― Edith Sitwell

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  1. awww, I love those buns of yours, hadn’t seen them in a looong time. ThanxThink I will get my clay out of the closet and have another go.Love ya,Mum


  2. Vicky, I am totally inspired by your paintings. They are delightful. Thanks so much for the energizer this morning. (I want extra points for not putting (bunnies after energizer in that last sentence. I really struggled with it, dork that I am.) 🙂


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