where’s your permission slip?


(c) Vicky L. Lorencen

(c) Vicky L. Lorencen

(c) Vicky L. Lorencen

(c) Vicky L. Lorencen

When I took my first watercolor class, I painted the usual subjects–you know, a bowl of fruit, a self-portrait, a landscape . . . but then, my teacher allowed me to do an independent study. That’s when I started painting bunnies. I learned a lot in the first class, but it wasn’t until I was cut loose and given permission to paint what I liked that the fun really started. Sure, not everyone likes to paint bunnies playing checkers, but I do! (Consider it my nod to dogs playing poker.)

Do you find it a challenge to give yourself permission to try something new or to take a risk?

Mind if I help you with that?

Complete the permission slip below.

It’s all set to go. All you need to do is fill in the blank.

* Grant yourself permission to submit a polished manuscript to an editor.
* Join a critique group.
* Query an agent.
* Set yourself free to dabble in a new genre. Ever written a haiku? A biography? A mystery?
* Let go of a project that’s sapping your creative energy.

You decide!


I, Vicky Lorencen of Frog on a Dime,

grant you permission to ______________________________________ with my blessing.

Please report back about what you did!

Write yourself a permission slip to be surprised by someone’s potential. Who knows? One day that person could be you. ~ Sherri Shepherd

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  1. Thanks Vicky! Inspired by Ruth’s sketch journals, I signed up for a beginning drawing class this past winter. I met some nice women in the class, but it showed me that I need to stick with writing.


  2. Love this Vicki! I’ve got a few projects that are sapping my creative energy that just need to go!! Thanks for giving us permission to get outside of ourselves! Love the bunnies by the way!


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