and the birthday present goes to . . .


Happy first birthday,  Frog on a Dime!

Happy first birthday,
Frog on a Dime!

Congratulations to Jennifer Byrnes! Your name was selected in Frog on a Dime’s First Birthday Celebration Critique Giveaway. Jennifer, I will be in touch soon regarding the submission details for your free 10-page critique. I am truly looking forward to reading your work and doing what I can to help you make it even stronger.

Many thanks to all who entered the drawing, and to everyone who sent birthday wishes. You made me so “hoppy”! (Oh, c’mon. I can’t have a pun-less birthday!)

While I’m passing out gifts, and since it is the holiday season, I want to share my wishes for all of you . . .

I wish you the gift of laughter–even if it means laughing at yourself.
I wish you the gift of time to “be,” not do–just “be” for a moment and be mindful.
I wish you the gift of kindness–toward yourself especially. (We are our own worst critiques, aren’t we?)
I wish you the gift of inspiration from unexpected sources–and the presence of mind to write it down!
I wish you the gift of a tender, child-like heart–if even for a day, especially this time of year.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I will give myself the gift of one more slice of birthday cake!

My mother asked me what I wanted for my birthday, so I said I wanted to read poetry with her. ~ Guy Johnson (author and Maya Angelou’s son)

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