Frog on a Dime Has a Winner!


Congratulations to Linda Geiger! You are the winner of the Frog on Dime 6th Birthday prize package.

You will receive:

 Your very own, one-of-a-kind doodle, made by yours truly, with your initials incorporated into the design.

A brand new notebook to capture your shiny ideas in the new year.

 An assortment of creativity-inducing treats.

A 10-page critique of the manuscript of your choice.

My heartfelt thanks go to everyone who entered. I am deeply grateful for all of your kind, encouraging words. You gave me such a boost to hop into Frog on a Dime’s 7th year! You’re the best, my little cranberry tarts!

Linda, please provide me with your mailing address via the Frog on a Dime Contact Page. Then, be ready to receive your prize parcel! Congratulations!

If you chase anything in life chase the things that get you excited about living. Chase the things that give you hope, happiness and a glimpse of a better life. Chase the things that make you want to be a better person. Chase the things that inspire you to think, create and live joyfully. Chase the things that reinforce in your soul that you can make a difference. Chase the things that make you want to transform your heart from selfish to selfless. When you chase that kind of storm you are chasing rainbows. ~ Shannon L. Alder

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  1. Hi Vicky,

    After work today I learned I am the incredibly fortunate recipient of this years’ Birthday prize package. I’m at a loss for words; which seldom happens. I enjoy your nuggets of wisdom with a splash of humor via ‘Frog on a Dime’ (I save and re-visit them often). I wish you the best of Holiday Seasons and I thank you dearly for your kind and generous gifts.

    Linda Geiger


    • Hello Linda,
      I am delighted you are the winner!
      Please send me your mailing address via the Contact Page and I will dive into getting your special parcel ready. I cannot wait to create your customized doodle,
      Warm wishes to you and your loved ones for a joy-filled holiday!


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