Sublime Summertime Frog on a Dime Giveaway


Summer may be slip-sliding away, but there’s still time for my blog’s seasonal giveaway.

To enter, all you need to do is comment on this or any post on my blog. Tell me your favorite summertime thing to do when you were a kid. That’s it! 

Deadline: Noon on Wednesday, August 14. So hurry!

Your Prize Package will include:

  • Journal to Capture Sparks of Brilliance On-the-Go
  • Energizing Treats
  • Craft Book
  • One of a Kind Doodle with Your Initials in It
  • Inspirational Magnet
  • Manual Thought Generator (aka a Slinky!)

Disclaimer(s): No purchase necessary (or even an option). Shipping & handling included. Safe when used as directed. Do not submerge. Batteries not included. Dryclean only. Frog on a Dime is furnishing this Prize Package “as is.” None of the authors, contributors, agents, editors, miscreants, vandals, ambidextrous nose miners, or anyone else connected with Frog on a Dime, in any way whatsoever, can be held responsible for your (mis)use of the contents of the Prize Package. Remain seated until the ride has come to a complete stop. Do not refrigerate after opening. Contents may settle during shipment. Prize Package sold by weight, not by volume. Frog on a Dime does not provide any warranty of the item(s) whatsoever, whether expressed, implied, or statutory (whatever that is), including, but not limited to, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or any warranty that the contents of the item will be error-free (because). Use at your own risk. Subject to approval. Driver does not carry cash. No substitutions. Do not fold, staple or mutilate. Some restrictions apply (but you can’t make me say what). Void where prohibited. Employees must wash hands. For off-road use only. All terms and conditions shall be rendered null and void on a whim. If state laws apply to you, some or all of the above disclaimers, exclusions, or limitations may not apply to you and you may have additional rights. (Go You!) I know you are but what am I. This tag may not be removed except by the consumer under penalty of law. (Ooo, scary!) See store for details.

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  1. Hi Vicky, My favorite thing to do was to take my favorite book of the moment— there were so many — 😀 and climb up onto the shed roof where the oak leaves hid me. Then when the screams for my presence became too obnoxious to ignore, I’d climb down and sneak back into the house where I’d plead bad hearing. LOL


  2. My favorite thing was playing with the kids in my grandmother’s neighborhood. We played four-square, jump rope, jacks, relay races. I’ve kept in touch with one of the families and my sons had a chance to meet their family this summer as we went on a cruise together.

    Thanks for stirring my memories.


  3. I have read the extremely detailed disclaimer and agree to the terms and (ahem) extremities.

    As a kid way back in the day, my ultimate favorite thing to do was to ride horses with my sister. We rode for miles and miles, jumping creeks, racing through hayfields and plodding lazily along rivers. Life was good.
    Here is part of a poem I wrote about riding::

    Two little sisters, eight and ten,
    Dashed up to the farm and then
    Jumped on horses for a ride
    Raced the field, side by side.
    Galloping without a care
    Going here and going there.


  4. Lovely sunset, Vicky. One of my favorite things to do was to swim in or row on Silver Lake while my family stayed in the park in our trailer. I also loved hiking the dunes there and visiting the village in the middle of the dunes that a hermit made out of driftwood. His name was Swift Lathers. How I can remember that is beyond me.


    • Swift Lathers? That is the best name! We were just talking about Silver Lake this weekend. The dune rides are so fun and it’s amazing to see how the dunes shift and change from year to year. Thanks so much for sharing.


  5. As a young kid, one of my favorite things was to run through the sprinkler with my sister. It often ended with me picking UP the sprinkler and dousing her the best that I could. As a teenager, I enjoyed going to north beach in South Haven and flying kites. Not only was it fun but it usually brought interested (and cute) boys closer to find out what I was doing.


  6. When I was very young, my favorite thing was to run through the sprinkler with my sister. It often ended with me picking UP the sprinkler and trying to douse her as best as I could. As a teenager, my favorite thing was to go to South Haven and fly kites. Not only was it fun but it often brought interested (and cute) boys over to check it out.


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