Frog on a Dime


In 2012 scientists met a frog in Papua New Guinea who was so small he could sit on a dime, with room to spare. He was declared the world’s smallest known vertebrate.

Before you get the impression that mine is an all frog blog, it’s not. If that disappoints you, please take this as your cue to quietly excuse yourself. No really, I won’t be offended (much). Hop along now. Go read the National Geographic blog about the frog.

Anyone still there?

So, about this teensy freak of the rain forest. He captured my imagination because I see him as a metaphor for my little blog and its place in the blogosphere. (See there? I popped in the word metaphor. You’re starting to see that we’ve turned a corner now, haven’t you?)

Once word got out about the wee dime sitter, amphibian experts noted that we keep finding smaller and smaller frogs. Why? An expert with Conservation International suggested the frogs are adapting to fill a niche that nothing else can fill. And I guess that’s what I’m hoping this blog will do for you (and for me)–fill a niche that nothing else can fill.

And while I’m niche-filling, I will be mindful that there are countless other “word ponds” you can visit in day. I won’t try to “pond-tificate.” I only plan to post words that will encourage, inform and maybe even inspire you, as my fellow writers.

Thanks for reading. I hope you’ll pull up a dime and visit again soon.

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