a “highlight” of my writing career


Lincoln with frogHighlights for Children is the gold standard for children’s magazines. Little wonder I’m thrilled see my article “Sculpting a President” in the February 2013 issue. The article was actually written and sold back in 2008, but it’s been worth the wait to see it in print.

“Sculpting a President” shares the true story of how Michigan sculptor Anthony Frudakis created a larger than life size statue of Abraham Lincoln for the Liberty Walk on the campus of Hillsdale College. How fascinating to learn about Tony’s process starting with in-depth research, then on to sketching, followed by creating miniature versions before finally “building” the actual masterpiece. It’s not unlike the steps a writer takes to first investigate, then brainstorm, and then draft character sketches before attempting to craft a larger piece of work. It takes patience with yourself and with your medium, but when you find joy in that process, it makes it worthwhile.

My thanks to freelance reporter Monetta Harr for sharing Tony’s story (and mine) through the Jackson Citizen Patriot.

It may have taken “four score and seven years” to see this story come to light, but I trust it’s here at the right time in our history. Who knows what young reader may be inspired to follow in Tony’s creative footsteps.

My best friend is a person who will give me a book I have not read.― Abraham Lincoln

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