write like your life depends on it

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    Yesterday I had the privilege of presenting two of the many workshops offered to middle school and high school students at the Youth Writing Festival at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. My workshop, “Write Like Your Life Depends on It,” was intended to empower students who love to write with the knowledge that they possess a rare and marketable skill. We talked about how they can prepare now for future career options that will allow them to make use of their superpower.

    Most of all, I encouraged students to be honest about what they would like to do–it’s okay to say I want to be a professional writer. It’s a skill to celebrate, not cover up. When I was open about my desire to write for children, it was amazing how opportunities, people and resources came my way.

    Let me encourage you to be true to your calling too!

    Here’s the list of career options I shared with the students. Maybe it will inspire you, too, if you’re unsure what you want to do when you grow up. (No rush!)

    Novelist (any genre)
    Non-fiction writer
    Web content writer
    Game content writer
    Screenwriter (TV or movies)
    Speech writer
    Grant/proposal/application writer
    Poet (perhaps as a lyricist or greeting card verse writer}
    Technical writer (for example, business writing, textbook content, medical writing)
    Freelance writer (magazines, newspapers, online columns, work for hire projects)

    Writing-related career options:
    Proofreader or copy editor
    Writing instructor or tutor
    Marketing/Advertising/Public Relations

    Have YOU used your superpower today?

    I love being a writer. What I can’t stand is the paperwork.~Peter De Vries

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