it’s a hoppy birthday frog on a dime giveaway!

I'm so happy!

I’m so happy!

Can you believe it, my little treacle tarts?

Frog on a Dime turns three years old today.

And as that sage Kermit once said, “Time’s fun when you’re having flies.” Frog on a Dime has been so much more fun (and work) than I ever dreamed–all thanks to you!

To celebrate, I will send a special surprise to not one, not two, but THREE of you who leave a comment on this post before Noon on Monday, December 14.

(Psssst . . . I’d really love it if you’d gift me with ideas for blog topics you’d like to see in the future!)




With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come. ~ William Shakespeare


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  1. Here I am just under the wire Vicky! Obviously I need deadlines to function! Happy Blogoversary!! Your posts always sparkle with personality–they are delightful!
    You are a fellow gardener, how about a post around the inspiration you find in your garden? Or do you revise in your head while digging in the dirt?

    Love your quote around “happy wrinkles” above! I’m always happy when someone embraces changing with age as you know. All the best! Lindsey


  2. Congrats, Vicky! Your blog looks great😊 As for ideas, maybe a humorous take on how to deal with rejections? I’m only suggesting that because I’ve been dealing with a lot of rejections lately. Lol!


    • You know what? Receiving rejections means you’re submitting, which means you must be writing–and that’s a wonderful thing. Honest. I would be happy to write about handling rejection (in a funny way!) Thank you for stopping by, Laura!


  3. Hi Vicky,

    I was the lucky winner of one of your first giveaways. I’m still using your office supplies. Thanks for that.

    Also thanks for the brief, just-frequent-enough posts filled with wisdom, your sparkling and infectious wit (even, or especially, the puns) and the always appropriate quotes.

    I’d like to see a whole blog post on inspirational writing quotes, but I’d also like to see something about process, revision, rejection and persistence. I know you’ve covered all these before, but they never get old, and there’s always something more to say.

    Thanks for your inspiration, and the footsteps of yours I’m following.

    Charlie Barshaw


  4. Congrats to you and your froggish blog! Idea: how to write on a diverse topic when you are not of that group! Merry Christmas Vicky! Your blogs always bring a smile to my heart. πŸ™‚


  5. Christmas shopping is done, but Christmas writing is not. Alas, I have the better part of two weeks to get it done. Plus, I’m throwing in the week after as a bonus gift to myself. What motivational gifts can we give writers to finish their projects…anytime of the year. (Yes, that was my blog idea)


  6. Happy Blog Birthday! I second Jennifer’s request for a post about having an agent–specifically would like to know how having an agent has changed (or not) your perspective, your approach to revision, your brilliant future, etc etc. (But don’t put me in the drawing for your special surprise, because I have already benefitted from blogerosity.)


  7. Hoppy birthday, my slippery little tadpole! Blog ideas, huh? How about ways to find inspiration in everyday life? The need to have a visual brain to write picture books when you’re not an illustrator. Hmm…how about the physiological benefits of chocolate?


  8. I’m so happy to have hopped into your blog! You have an exquisite and delightful voice, and we share similar senses of humor! Not to mention it is truly a truly helpful good topics for me are encouragement, how to connect with an online writing group, and revision. Thank you, Vicky!


  9. Hoppy birthday! My birthday is Monday December 14, so we can celebrate together! I love, love reading your posts filled with practical information and dashes/splashes of humor. I will think about some topics as suggestions for you. I’d love to get your ideas about labeling middle-grade and YA books like movies, so readers and parents have ideas about language, violence, sex in the books, and views from both sides.


  10. Vicky, Congratulations and love the hair! If I think of any blog topics, I’ll let you know, but in the meantime, just keep doing what you’re doing cuz you’re doing something right. You always have the best tips and advice. πŸ™‚


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