does this novel make my butt look big?


Please note, I don’t actually expect you to answer the question posed by this post’s title. Thank you . . .

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frog in pocket

Talk about subjective. Are we comparing my backside to War and Peace or Charlotte’s Web? (No need to answer.)

And what about our crazy winter weather? Earlier this week, it was a frigid -12 where I live. And then this morning on my way to work, it was a balmy 27 degrees. I didn’t even bother to zip my jacket. It’s all relative.

Relativity + Subjectivity = Confusitivity!

And that, my talented, perplexed friends, is every writer’s dilemma. We write. We seek feedback. We rewrite. We wring our hands and rack our brains (simultaneously!), yet how do we know when what we’ve written is worth reading? It’s such sticky, subjective business.

Now, what about feedback–the kind you get from your writer’s group or a paid critique with an editor at a conference. Given that opinions are subjective, how do you know who to believe?

Then once you’ve written something…

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