the high price of giving up


You may not be able to calculate it in dollars, but the price may be higher than you think.

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Have you ever wanted to quit on a dream? I have. I suspect we all have. Dreams are easy to carry when they are fresh and so are we. But they can feel burdensome once the real work begins. Little wonder we want to say “enough”!

Recently at least two of my writing friends wondered if they should loosen their grip on their dreams and let go. Can you relate? Before you make that decision, may I offer some things to think about?

Will your life be better for it–will you feel free to pursue other things–or will you miss having a dream to chase?

Can you live with the wonderings and the what ifs–I wonder what would have happened if I’d stuck with it just one more year . . . sigh.

How will others be influenced by your decision? Now, typically, when…

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  1. Vicky — thank you for your honesty concerning this issue. As someone who has stood at that cliff, looked down, and considered taking a huge leap, I completely understand. Luckily, I have friends, like you, who are willing to talk me off that edge, hold my hand, wipe my tears, and then feed me large amounts of chocolate! Being a writer is a lonely business on so many levels. Staying in touch with other writers is crucial to our mental health and I am blessed to know many on this wolf-infested path of literary creation. Hang in there, my fellow writers….we will succeed!


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