Accidental Treasures

Photo by Vicky Lorencen

Photo by Vicky Lorencen

This week I read a blog post by an author who shared her frustrations over a particular manuscript’s near-misses. This author’s husband towed her from melancholy by reminding her of all she’s gained amid her pursuit of a sale. The sad sack author glanced over her shoulder to see the accumulation of things—including her husband and her child—that came, at least in part, because of her publishing pursuits (regardless of the coveted contract).

Feeling inspired, I compiled my own list of accidental treasures I’ve accumulated as I push (tumble/slide/skid) toward publication.

  1. My concentric circle of friends. It is difficult for me to imagine my life without this ever-growing congregation of creative people (mostly because I don’t want to imagine it!) Every year since I got serious about writing, I’ve had the outrageous fortune of adding more smart, talented, soul-sweetening friends into my life. I could stop the list right here and be satisfied.
  2. Books and their authors. How many times have I had the pleasure of reading a book by someone I actually know? Lots. Not everybody has that in their lives. I do. I don’t have to rely on Goodreads or Amazon to tell me what to read next. I know amazing authors who faithfully produce well-crafted literature I can devour. It’s a fine system, if you ask me.
  3. Travels and experiences. The Big Apple; mountainous Montpelier, Vermont; lovely Lake George in upstate NY; charming Chautauqua, NY; homey Honesdale, PA; plus oodles of spots in my home state of Michigan (including one-of-a-kind Mackinac Island). Now, I know this isn’t exactly a list of the world’s four corners, but I loved all of these places and it’s quite likely I would have missed most of them (minus Michigan, of course) had it not been for my publishing pursuits.
  4. Frog on a Dime. Never thought I’d be a blogger, but this is fun, and I owe it all to my writing ambitions.

How about you? Stop for a moment. Look back. Look around. How is your life different–better–because of your passion for writing? You may be surprised and delighted by your own list. (You’re welcome to share it with me, if you like.)

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. ~ Henry David Thoreau

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